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Last night was a birthday party for my sister and one of her friends. We had sushi, where there were about 20 people at the table and the bill came to over $500. Then, most of the group split and the rest of us went across the street to this bar called the Ruby Room. The husband of the other birthday girl? Is like best friends with the owner. So we all rolled in like VIPs for free and walked over to the reserved section, which is this like raised, barred-off dais with the only seats in the entire place. Jenn, my sister, said that they get the booth almost every time they go there.

So here's where the crazy starts.  There was a fashion show going on in the other room and there were all of these girls dressed up like they were dolls. Not a part of the fashion show, just dressed up like it was a theme night or something.  It was bad.  Oh, so bad.  Made worse because a few of the girls weighed over 300 pounds.  And then there was a guy walking around in tiny velvet panties and fishnets, a guy dressed like Napoleon, a guy with the hamburger tie around his head,  and a ton of girls rocking hideous side-ponies.  There were also an unusual amount of hipsters drinking shots of Jim Beam and PBR. 

Later in the night, I was getting a drink and some guy asked me if I came there often.  I thought he was hitting on me, but later when our group of girls was doing the soul train with his group of guy friends, it became pretty obvious that he was just curious if I came there often.  Silly me, I forgot I was in Hillcrest!

So then we head home, while Jeremy sticks his head out the window and pukes a whole lot.  Let me tell you, the college area at 2AM  is a very interesting place.  On the way to Jenn's house, I saw about 6 people stumbling home.  One guy was even sitting on the curb, looking like he wished the world would just end.  And then on the way from Jenn's house to my apartment, I saw a guy ushering a girl across the street.  At first, I thought she was just a hooker in a really short dress, but then as I got closer, she turned out to be just another drunk college girl wearing nothing but an orange shirt.  Completely bare from the waist down.  I really wish someone had witnessed that with me.  I've never seen a walk of shame quite so shameful.

Also, I forgot to mention that there happened to be a girl from the Geography program at the bar, selling stuff for the fashion show.  And one of the people who showed up as a guest for the other birthday girl was someone I used to work with at the music store.  San Diego is a ridiculously small town for having the 8th largest population in the U.S.


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