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I had so much fun participating in the One Sentence Meme over at kurt_blaine on livejournal this weekend, I wanted to make sure I had all of my prompts and fills saved in one central location.

My Prompts
RPF - Private Concert, Chris is really upset that he missed Darren's shows at the Roxy  

K/B or RPF: Outerwear kink

Squeeing like a fangirl

Accidental Nudity

Peacock by Katy Perry

Friday Night

Kurt doesn't really care for Blaine's original songs, but tries to hide it.

Marching Band AU

Choose Your Own Adventure Porn

RPF, Talent

My Fills 
Dalton Academy = Blaine's Playgirl Mansion 

“Kurt, good to see you’re settling in. Do you have a moment?” Kurt looked up from his unpacking to see a tall blond boy taking up all available space in is doorway.

“Sure… How can I help you?” The boy came in and sat down on Kurt’s desk chair without invitation and set a bright blue file folder on Kurt’s desk. It was thick with papers and Kurt thought he saw a photo or two sticking out of the side.

“My name is James Baumgardner. I’m Blaine’s boyfriend. I see from your face that he hasn’t mentioned me.” James waved a dismissive hand before Kurt could even think to formulate a response to this revelation. “I wouldn’t expect him to. We like to keep things casual. Anyway, I’ve decided to move on from Blaine and it’s up to me to select my replacement. He hasn’t come right out and said it, but I know he’s interested in you, so I’d like to extend the offer. You’re exactly his type; well-groomed, beautiful, talented, and innocent.” 

“How would you know any of that? And don’t you think this is a conversation I should be having with Blaine?” Kurt asked. He felt the bed dip underneath him and he realized distantly that he was sitting, still clutching his favorite blue McQueen scarf. How did that happen?

“I read your file of course,” James waved at the blue file folder as if that explained everything. “And Blaine doesn’t approach his lovers. It’s always been the job of whoever was there before. Sometimes it doesn’t always work out, but I’ll have fond memories of our time together, so I want to make sure he’s set up with someone he really likes now that I’m leaving him."

Kurt had nothing to say. He was speechless for the first time in recent memory because the only word that came to mind was “what?” James gave up waiting for him to respond and continued.

“It’s only my job to pick my replacement. The number and identities of Blaine’s other boyfriends remains up to you. Currently, Blaine has three. Myself and two other guys.” Kurt was pretty sure he was having a stroke. Or maybe a hallucination. Because really, what the fuck? “The last Head Boyfriend chose practically a full harem, but he was a bit of a whore. Anyway, Charlie and Brandon’s profiles are at the top of the stack. I like them, but… They may turn out to be a bit power hungry with the change in regime. And traditionally, all head boyfriends dump the auxiliary when they assume their role. However, if you develop a rapport with one or both of them, I’m sure they would be happy to stay on. “ 

James went on for a bit about Blaine’s favorite date spots and the importance of sleeping assignments and told Kurt at least three times about the instruction sheets at the back of the file that detailed all accumulated boyfriend knowledge about Blaine and how best to please him. It was the subject of sex positions that finally made Kurt break.

“Okay, enough! This is all ridiculous! Who put you up to this? You guys heard a gay kid was transferring and you thought you’d have a little fun? I thought this school was supposed to have a zero tolerance bullying policy. Get the hell out of here right now before I find the nearest faculty member and get your ass expelled!” Kurt shouted, herding a startled and bewildered James out the door. “And take this with you!” He shoved the folder at James’ chest, who managed to grab it just before its contents could spill to the floor, and slammed the door in his face. 


A quiet knock on Kurt’s door an hour later revealed a sheepish and concerned looking Blaine clutching a familiar blue folder.

“Hey, can I come in?” Blaine asked hesitantly. Kurt frowned at him, not quite ready to believe that Blaine would be in on the joke, but not quite trusting that folder either.

“I suppose. Is this about that rather creative jerk from earlier?” Blaine looked pained and reached out a hand to touch Kurt’s shoulder before thinking better of it and pulling it back in.

“James isn’t a jerk. He was just trying to help.” At Kurt’s incredulous look, he rushed to explain. “James told me he came here to ask you to take his position. I didn’t want to rush you like this, but I have to admit that I am interested in you. I know you’ve been through a lot these past couple of months, so I’ll understand if you say no. Just… Just think about it okay?” He held out the folder and Kurt just barely managed not to take it from him automatically. Blaine’s eyes were soft and pleading and Kurt wasn’t sure how he could manage to deny him anything right then, but he didn’t want to touch that vile thing.

“You mean he was telling the truth? You’ve really had this string of Hefner-esque harems at your beck and call?” Blaine blushed and looked down at his toes. 

“Well, they’re not really harems, I’ve just sort of… had my choices. But listen, if that’s what bothers you, we could try things out with just you and me for a while. I’m not sure how this whole thing even happened actually… I think there was a threesome? And then we sort of just all kept dating and then Julian graduated and it turned into, like this revolving door of boyfriends.” Kurt must have made a face because Blaine hastened to explain further. “But I didn’t have sex with all of them! Hardly any, actually. It’s mostly just dates and hand jobs at the most!”

“How romantic,” Kurt deadpanned and Blaine grimaced, trying to find the thread of the conversation again.

“My point is… My point is that I like you. A lot. I might love you actually.” Blaine whispered, looking up at Kurt through his eyelashes. “And if you want to throw this file out the window… actually, don’t do that because a teacher might find it and that could lead to some awkward questions, but if you want to shred it, I am totally okay with it. James might be a little put out because I think he put a lot of time into it, but—“ Blaine was thankfully, mercifully cut off from his rambling by the soft pressure of Kurt’s lips on his.

“How about dinner on Friday? No extras?” Kurt asked when he finally pulled away. Blaine looked a little dazed, but nodded happily and let himself be pushed gently out the door. “Oh, and I think I’ll take that, after all. The instruction sheets might come in handy,” Kurt said, snagging the blue folder and snapping the door shut.

The Dalton boys are put out because Blaine won't "share"

“Blaine, thanks for coming. Have a seat.” Wes gestures expansively and Blaine chooses a comfy arm chair close to the council’s table. He does his best not to roll his eyes at their pretentious superiority, but he thinks he feels a little tightening in his mouth. This is stupid, he thinks, but they’re my friends. So they like being in charge, that’s bound to go to anyone’s head.

“Blaine, it’s come to our attention that you and Kurt are dating,” Jacob intones, glancing at the page in front of him. Blaine wonders if he wrote down his remarks.

“Well, we’ve been on one date so far. But I’d like to make it official, yes,” Blaine responds.

“Blaine, we’ve been through this before. The social lives of the Warblers are under intense scrutiny by the rest of the student population. You know it’s in our charter to interrogate potential love interests of our members. Why didn’t you present Kurt for questioning at the appropriate time?” David’s tone is gentle, but insistent. Blaine feels like he’s just seconds away from saying, I’m disappointed in you, and Blaine feels the corresponding shame even though the words go unsaid.

“I’m sorry. I should have, I know. But Kurt’s a Warbler too and he’s new to all of this and I just wanted…” Blaine sighs. He broke the rules and there’s nothing he can say to change that. “I’m sorry. I was wrong to ignore Warbler policy. How can I make this right?”

“Fortunately, we’ve already talked to Kurt and though he had some rather colorful things to say about our policies, he indicated that he understood why they were in place. We’ve scheduled an interview with him for the day after tomorrow so that we can perform a more thorough questioning.” Wes shuffled some papers in front of him, the only indication that he had difficulty with what he was about to say. “Your punishment will be ten strokes from the paddle. We haven’t decided who will be the one to mete out your punishment yet, but if you can get Kurt to agree to it, the Council is not adverse to that arrangement.” There is the barest glint in Wes’ eye, something that Blaine wouldn’t have caught if he wasn’t one of the boy’s best friends in the whole world, and Blaine almost smiles at his friend’s stupid matchmaking scheme. 

Wes waves him out the door impatiently, turning to Jacob to ask him a question about their next performance. Blaine struggles to keep his composure, but manages to nod his goodbyes and escape out the door before he sighs in relief. It’s probably (definitely) far too early in their relationship to engage in that kind of play, but Blaine thinks that not sharing his budding relationship with the Warbler council might be the best decision he’s ever made. Now he just has to convince Kurt of that.

Rachel and Kurt give Blaine Diva Lessons

“No, no, no!” Rachel exclaimed. “This song won’t do at all!” Blaine turned to Kurt for comfort, but he just stood there, arms crossed and eyes closed, his head shaking in disapproval.

“But I really like Katy Perry,” Blaine said, vaguely. He was pretty sure they weren’t paying attention to anything he said anyway.

“We’ll have to use Kurt’s iPod,” Rachel said, already scrolling through his available songs. She made small approving noises every so often and Kurt rewarded her with a smile each time. Blaine would kill to have that smile directed at him. It was really the only reason he was here in Rachel’s pink monstrosity of a room to begin with. “Oh! This one is perfect for you," Rachel says with a decisive nod. 

The first few notes of Hero by Mariah Carey play and Blaine’s weird musically-eidetic memory recognizes the song immediately. He starts singing along to the track before he can stop himself. He’s emoting, he really is, but Rachel stops him before he can even get past the fourth line of the song.

“No, that won’t do at all. Are you patriotic at all? No, it doesn’t matter. Imagine that you’re performing for the USO.” Blaine raises an eyebrow at Kurt, who is also looking at Rachel, trying to decide where she’s going with this. “And the entire front row is filled with gorgeous soldiers, looking to you to give them a moment’s reprieve from the arduous hours of line duty and boredom and the terror of suicide bombs." She pauses like she wants him to actually imagine this, so he spares a moment. It’s… difficult. It must show on his face, because she growls a little low in her throat and starts again. “Okay, just sing to Kurt then. I really shouldn’t even have to tell you this, but just put all of the emotion you feel for him and the whole Karofsky situation into the song.” 

Both Blaine and Kurt look at her awkwardly, but she’s too busy restarting the song to notice. The intro starts and Blaine does as she says and puts his heart into the song. He moves closer and closer to Kurt as he continues and by the end of the song, he’s cupping Kurt’s face in his hands, fully intent on kissing the other boy, completely ignorant of Rachel’s presence in the room. Kurt swallows and parts his lips. Blaine is sure Kurt is going to kiss him any second and he leans forward unconsciously.

“That was good, but you were a little stiff. Let’s try that again, but this time with more arm movement," Kurt practically whispers.

Blaine faintly hears Rachel growl in exasperation from across the room.

blaine does something bad to kurt (anything, doesn't have to be too serious, but it's okay if it is) and burt scares the living daylights out of him 

Blaine practically floated up the stairs of Kurt’s basement. Since their fight three days ago, each hour had felt like agony for him. It was their first fight as a couple and what had started out as a heated make-out session had ended in hastily thrown on clothes and whispered shouts so that the rest of the dorm hall wouldn’t hear what their argument was about. It had been a stupid fight. If he had just taken the time, made sure Kurt understood… Well, he would have avoided the fight and three days of stress headaches, but he would have missed out on that truly epic apology blow job too.

Blaine entered the kitchen with a goofy, distant smile on his face, his head filled only with the memories of the last hour and his need for water. Half way to the fridge, Blaine found his path blocked with a rather intimidating wall of flannel. Burt stood staring down at him with a look of cold fury on his face. He’d always seemed so nice before, so this drastic change was a little terrifying.

“Oh, hello Mr. Hummel. It’s good to see you again. I hope you don’t mind me dropping by. Kurt and I had a little misunderstanding before he left Dalton for the weekend and I really wanted to iron things out as soon as possible.” Blaine tried for a winning smile, but it fell when he saw Burt’s continued glare.

“Yeah, I know about your ‘little misunderstanding.’ Kurt’s been locked in the basement all weekend, crying over you and I gotta tell you, kid, I can’t see why you’d be worth the bother.” Blaine winced, taken aback by Burt’s bluntness. He couldn’t have known, but Blaine had thought the very same thing about himself many times. To hear that opinion coming from a man that he so desperately wanted to impress made Blaine want to turn and run. But he tried to live by the same advice that he gave, so he squared his shoulders and managed to meet Burt’s eyes.

“I’m sorry that you feel that way, sir, and I do hope that your opinion of me will change once we get to know each other better. It truly was a misunderstanding though and one that could have been easily cleared up if Kurt would have just answered his phone.” Blaine shook his head a little in exasperation and Burt’s eyes narrowed further. Blaine rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly and rushed on. “What I mean to say is that I never intended to hurt Kurt and I assure you, I spent most of this weekend in tears myself. “

“Well let me tell you something. You had better never intentionally hurt my son or there will be hell to pay!” Burt growled.

“Dad!” Both Blaine and Burt swiveled to see Kurt standing in the kitchen doorway, mouth hanging open in shock. “Our relationship problems are between us. I don’t need you to threaten my boyfriend for me. Come on, Blaine.” Blaine followed unresistingly as Kurt pulled him back toward the basement. “Do you see? You should have just fucked me when I asked.” Kurt complained quietly. Blaine just sighed, because yeah, he really should have.

Blaine wants a midnight snack

"Oh, ohhh! Blaine, that feels so good..." Kurt moans as Blaine talented mouth works up and down his shaft. Blaine pulls off for a second to smirk at him, but keeps working Kurt with his hand.

"Sorry to wake you baby, but I got hungry and the kitchen was too far away." He reaches out his tongue to lick at Kurt's tip, making him arch his back and moan softly. 

"I-- I really don't mind."

6. Occasionally Kurt gets ~too high maintenance so Blaine screws him into a clingy puddle for the good of mankind.

Filled, here.

7. Marching Band AU (My own prompt)

Kurt twirled his clarinet idly in his right hand, waiting for Wes and David to stop conferring with Mr. Shue on the sideline. On his left, Mercedes and Tina giggled quietly to each other about Tina's latest "friend with benefits" and he did his best to ignore them. He loved them, he really did, but he'd already lost track of just how many trombone players they'd worked their way through this season. 

To his right, their line began to curve slightly, giving Kurt an excellent view of Blaine’s gorgeously tanned back and the small strip of his boxers visible above the waistband of his cargo shorts. Blaine stood with his arms crossed, silver trumpet dangling over his left elbow, and his attention focused on the quiet argument going on up at the base of the platform. He looked like at any moment, he was going to stalk up to them and offer his opinion on how today’s drill was going, whether they wanted it or not.

Instead, he turned and looked at Kurt and gave him a smile. “Can you believe this? It’s not like we’re doing pinwheels or anything.” He shakes his head in exasperation and Kurt laughs along with him to hide his shock at being addressed by the trumpet section leader. Kurt wonders if his blush could just be mistaken for sunburn. It was pretty hot out today and he’d forgotten a hat. 

“I guess some people just find it impossible to make a straight line,” Kurt says, glaring at the flutes pointedly. It was their fault the band had been stuck here on page 8 of the drill for the past ten minutes. 

“Yeah, it’s pretty annoying. Still, Quinn did get saddled with an awful lot of freshmen this year. I’m sure she’ll get them whipped into shape by the time we have our first tournament,” Blaine says, rather doubtfully. “You’re a freshman too, aren’t you? I don’t remember you from last season. And I’m pretty sure I would remember,” he says, looking Kurt up and down in what can’t be a speculative manner. The hottest guy in their band cannot possibly be checking him out.

“I’m a sophomore. I transferred here Spring semester last year, so I only played for concert season. I’d have preferred to skip marching season all together, but Mr. Shue said I had to do both semesters.” Kurt grimaces just thinking of the smelly, stiff uniform he’ll be forced to wear during competitions. So far, the only redeeming factor of the entire marching band season had been the trumpet section’s “Shirtless Fridays” tradition and the two whole hours every week that he got to ogle Blaine’s hip bones. And now this conversation. Kurt preferred playing when he knew he would actually be heard by his audience and there weren’t very many solo opportunities for a clarinet on the marching field.

“I’m glad he did. Who would I have to make fun of the flutes with if you weren’t here?” Blaine asked with a wide grin. Kurt was doing his best to think up a witty comeback to that… what was that? Was Blaine Anderson seriously flirting with him? Of course, that’s when Mr. Shue decided to get his act together and Kurt jumped as their director’s voice suddenly blared over the PA.

“Okay, we’re going to take it one more time.”

“Or five or ten more times,” Kurt said under his breath and was rewarded from a quiet laugh from Blaine.

“Let’s go back to page 4 and we’ll take it at half tempo. Sing your parts and dress.” Kurt leaned to his left, ready to move back to his spot on page 4 when Blaine touched his arm.

“Hey, see you in 22 bars,” Blaine said, looking for all the world like he couldn’t wait to be back there on the 35 yard line with him. Blaine walked off backwards, still staring at him and Kurt felt rooted to the Astroturf beneath him. 

“Kurt, come on,” Mercedes called before she practically had to drag him back to his spot before the drums tapped off the 4-count. 

8. rpf- Chris drives Darren somewhere and the AVPM soundtrack cd won't come out of the stereo, he gets embarrassed but Darren is awesome as always.

Darren flips through Chris' presets, hitting commercial after commercial, and growls a little, low in his throat.

"God, why is there nothing on? I need music people, not ads for Vons!" His hand moves barely an inch toward the Mode button and before he can switch the stereo over to whatever CD is already in there, Chris's hand flashes out and slams down on the power button, plunging the car in silence.

"I don't want to listen to that one right now," he says after an awkward pause. Darren thinks there might be a hint of a blush on Chris' cheeks and now he has to know.

"Why, what is it?" Darren asks.

"Nothing, it doesn't matter. I just don't want to listen to it." And yeah, Chris is definitely blushing now.

"Okay, so we'll listen to another one." Darren pushes the eject button, knowing that if Chris won't let him listen to the mystery CD, at least he'll be able to see what it is.

Nothing happens.

"It's stuck in there. It's been jammed in there for a year now."

"Ohhhh, you must be totally sick of it by now then."

"No... even if it wasn't stuck, I'd probably still have left it in there. It's pretty much my go to for whenever I can't stand the radio anymore."

"You know, it's funny. I have the same problem in my car. I've had one of my brother's albums stuck in my stereo for almost two years now," Darren says. He waits a moment, but has to ask when Chris still won't share. 

"So who's in your stereo?" Darren asks, his hand reaching out for the power button. Chris slaps his hand away effortlessly, seemingly focused on his driving.

Darren decides then that it's time to pull out all the stops. Even though Chris is busy navigating his way through rush hour traffic, Darren knows he can see him from the corner of his eye. He turns in his seat to face Chris and gives him the biggest, most ridiculous puppy dog eyes and pouty lips he can manage. Chris slides his eyes towards Darren after a grand total of three seconds and heaves a sigh.

"Fine." Darren smiles happily as Chris turns the CD on and his grin just gets wider as the opening strains of Goin' Back to Hogwarts fills the tiny car.

"Aw, you don't need to be embarrassed about this Chris. I think it's totally awesome!" Chris just rolls his eyes and smacks Darren in the shoulder.

"Gotta be good looking / 'Cause he's so hard to see"

It had taken forever to get them to agree to his plan, but as Wes watched Kurt and Blaine jerk each other off, leaning over his prone form to kiss, he was pretty sure it was his best idea ever.

A/N: I don't think the prompter got it, but I was playing off the chorus of the song. "Come together, right now, over me."  Whatever, it made me laugh.


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